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Vibrating Fluidized Bed Dryer Set

The set is automatic control which much well for drying of crystal products i.e.sugar,polyols,fermentation products like citric acid,MSG

The set can reaches GMP requirements for pharmaceutical company use

Parts:Vibrating fluidized bed dryer,Rectangle vibrating screen,Dust-extraction system

Main advantages:



Luckey Technology

Others` Technology

Double body vibration structure

Low frequency with high   amplitude

Long lifespan

High frequency with low   amplitude

Short lifespan

Preforated plate

Special drilling hole way,which ensure wind distributed evenly,the   material kept in same situation in the whole process;high heat transfer rate   of mass transfer;

No material leakage   during formal operation and static situation

Straight hole,heavy material   leakage,which need operation stop for clean frequently and high labor intensity that unable to produce continuously;

Uneven distribution of air and material low heat transfer rate of mass   transfer

Products` water and temperature   unstable which affect the quality

Energy consumption

One normal electric machine

Two vibrating electric machines



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