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Mechanical Stirring Forced Circulation Vacuum Evaporation Crystallizer

Available for vacuum evaporation crystallization of following products

Evaporation crystalline sugars:sucrose, dextrose,crystalline fructose and so on

Fermentation products: MSG, citric acid,amino acid and so on

Polyols products:xylitol, maltitol and so on

Main features:

1.Full automatic equipment, good and stable quality;high efficiency, low consumption

2.Specially designed stir system which can decrease sugar energy consumption and massecuite`s color, also uniform granule.

3.A special microscope assembled on the sight glasses ,which convenient to watch the growth of crystal and measure the size of crystal

4.The top adopts new type mechanical seal that offer good sealing effect. Clean water is the lubricant for the bottom bearings instead of grease to avoid contaminate the product.

1,Boiling Pan


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